Legal Disclaimer



Please be advised that Comic Animations, together with its parent, subsidiary and affiliated entities does not accept, read, consider or review, any unsolicited literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works of any kind including, without limitation, ideas, concepts, stories, characters, screenplays, teleplays, synopses, treatments, artwork, drawings, designs, musical compositions, software programs, video or audio reels, or any similar works (collectively, “Unsolicited Materials”). Any Unsolicited Materials received by Comic Animations are deemed non-confidential and Comic Animations assumes no liability, obligation or responsibility of any nature whatsoever in respect thereof (and we assume no obligation to return any Unsolicited Materials to the sender). We ask that you not send us any Unsolicited Materials. The purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes where Comic Animations’ existing audio-visual projects or other proprietary works might bear similarities to materials submitted to Comic Animations.